How Installment Loans Work:

Obtaining an installment loan online couldn't be easier. First complete our loan request form and then get access to a network of over 100 lenders.

You can borrow between a few hundred dollars up to $5,000 depending on your circumstances, and this is all carried out online without the need to even leave your sofa!


To submit your loan request the following is required:

  • That you are a US citizen who is 18 years old or over, with an address and telephone number.
  • You have a stable and regular form of income that can be verified.
  • A checking account in your name which is used to help verify your details and deposit the cash.
  • A working email address that lenders will send important information to, and will be the first point of customer service.

That's right, no face to face meetings, limited paperwork, and even those with bad credit will be considered!

Submitting your info with us requires no credit check, but it's very likely that the lender will pull some history, even if not from the big 3 agencies. Yet even if you have bad credit you may still be approved!

Loan Terms

Our lenders like to keep everything as simple as possible and that extends to the loan terms themselves. You will be offered one lump sum (the principal) at a fixed interest rate, with no hidden fees or collateral required. The amount you repay is the principal plus interest, which will be broken down in to equal monthly payments for the duration of the loan. You will always know exactly how much you need to pay, and this will be taken automatically from your designated bank account on a set day each month.

Since you typically will not be offered more than 25% of your gross income, it's rare that you will struggle to make repayments.

Step By Step Guide

If you're ready to apply for an installment loan online just follow the steps below and you could have the cash within 24 hours!

  • Gather your personal information ready for the application. This will include you address, employment details, bank account details, the amount you would like to borrow, and for how long.
  • Submit some basic information with us, ensuring all of the required fields are completed, and all of the information you enter is correct. If you miss a box you will be prompted to go back and complete it. We will then refer you to one of the lenders in our network within 3 minutes.
  • Once matched with a lender, you will now be dealing directly with them. Here they may ask for extra verification or further information, but most of the time you can do this easily online.
  • Double check everything and submit what's required. This will then go through their system, which will automatically check your information against public records and do some number crunching based on your income and the amount you wish to borrow.
  • You will be informed if the information was received and the system will respond in as fast as 5 minutes with an approval or denial. If you are approved they will make you an offer. If you are denied you are free to apply again in the future.
  • Once you have received an offer, which will clearly display all of the terms, you can choose to accept it and finalize the agreement, or reject it and walk away with no obligation. You are then free to apply again in the future.
  • If you accept and finalize the offer, the cash will be deposited in to your designated bank account in one lump sum, in as fast as 24 hours during the working week.
  • The lender will automatically take repayments once a month on the agreed upon date, from the bank account you used on the application. The amount you are expected to pay will be the same each month (including a fixed interest rate) and this is clearly outlined in the loan agreement.
  • You may be free to make repayment early so long as the outstanding balance is paid in full. This will save you on interest, as you are only charged for the duration that the balance is outstanding, rather than how much they would have charged if you stayed the full term. If this is accepted by your lender you should see it in the loan terms.

Late Payments

Depending on state law the lender maintains the right to charge late fees on missed payments. If you believe you are going to miss a payment or that the loan has become too much to handle please contact them right away to discuss the matter.


A default is when you fail to make multiple payments and have not cooperated with the lender to solve the matter. Some states will define the precise time period that an outstanding debt becomes a default. At this point they maintain the right to pursue civil action and begin the collection process. In some circumstance they may pass the debt on to a debt collector who will proceed on the lender's behalf.


Ready to make that life changing purchase today without breaking you bank balance in the future? Submit your information, and you can see the money in your account by tomorrow morning!

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